Hoping someone/something worthwhile will emerge in JC election

Dear Editor:
The Jersey City municipal election season has finally arrived with all the excitement of two cockroaches crossing the street. So far the rhetoric has been limited to each and every major candidate blowing their own horn by stressing their unique indulgences of self expressed intelligence and management.
This is the time when we hear exorbitant promises of increased improvements in our quality of life programs and a savior to deliver us from all evil. There will be a loud echo, verbal or written from individuals praising their selected candidates with a regal flare of royalty only to discover that they have been bought and paid for by presently holding a position or have been given a promise on a future appointment. We have the unbearable task of evaluating, securitizing and siphoning the empty words of extended truths. We are in dire need for a better life full of safety, happiness and peace only to find ourselves with a shovel, digging our own deep hole of despair.
We know what we have with the present administration, which is an escalating form of political demigod. Everyone else is at fault. We as residents are told crime is down, yet every day we hear and observe crude, mind boggling, indecent brutal acts of violence and senseless deaths caused by vicious misfits of humanity. Drugs are being sold in the open with little or no consequences. Gangs are growing rapidly bringing an additional wave of turmoil.
Regrettably, the only repeated comments, solutions and results echoed to these problems from our present elected officials are words piling so high that we will need to demand boots in the new stimulus package.
On the contrary to these obvious malfunctions of despicable aggressions in which the police are doing their very best to control, under these adverse conditions, this administration has the ultimate gall to paint a rosy picture while undermining the intelligence of the Jersey City residents. No matter what is evaluated and documented in their bogus statistics, the average citizen is well aware that upon traveling any time, any place in Jersey City is like playing Russian roulette with your life.
Unfortunately, so far, out of all the candidates that have announced their potential political intentions, none stand out as the best and the brightest to lead our City for the next four years. The selections are very slim with no enthusiasm of anticipated improved organized vision or direction. We see a few private sector candidates that are boring and virtually unknown combined with a majority of anointed political hack individuals selected to run on some Mayoral tickets, already holding governmental positions. There’s nothing new, nothing fresh, nothing invigorating, just the same old business as usual, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine, mentality.
We have a few months to the election, and hopefully there will be a distinct individual in the political arena that has the strength, courage and aptitude to defeat the incompetent lions of complacency and ineptness.

William P. Frasca

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