Police Beat Compiled by Timothy J. Carroll

Napping under car

Police responded to a report of an auto break-in at 3rd and Grand streets on Feb. 3 at 3:27 a.m. Upon arriving on the scene, the suspect allegedly took off running. Under a car at 4th and Grand streets, officers saw a pair of feet, and upon further inspection they found that the man fit the description of the auto burglar.
When police asked the man to come out from under the car, they said he pretended he was sleeping.
After two more attempts by police to coax the man out, he finally responded and told them he was homeless and looking for a place to sleep.
When police tried to apprehend the suspect, he allegedly resisted arrest and became combative, police said.
The man was allegedly carrying a screwdriver, a paint scraper, and a glass pipe filled with steel wool. Police said the pipe is a common tool used to smoke crack cocaine and allegedly contained residue of the same.
According to their investigation, the man allegedly tried to use a rock to break into the car, but was unsuccessful.
Police said they were able to match chips found on the suspect’s person with the rock found at the scene.
Antonio Figueroa, 48, homeless, was charged with possession of a dangerous controlled substance with intent to use, obstructing the administration of law, resisting arrest, and eluding police.

Allegedly in his pants

On Feb. 2, officers patrolling the 300 block of Jackson Street said they saw what appeared to be possible drug sales activity.
Police observed a male who was approached by individuals, handed money, then allegedly reached down into his pants to hand something back.
Police approached the person they suspected to be a buyer. According the police report, the man allegedly dropped a bag on the ground when police approached him away from the suspected dealer.
Police said the bag was filled with a substance believed to be heroin.
Officers then approached the suspected dealer, Captain Anthony Falco said.
Officers told him he was being charged with loitering, searched him, and found more of the substance, police said.
Joshua Martinez, 31, 500 Jackson St., was charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute, possession within 500 ft. of public housing, possession within 1,000 ft. of a school, and defiant trespassing.
The alleged buyer, Charles Bolger, 44, Jersey City, was charged with possession of a dangerous controlled substance.

Warranted suspicion

On Feb. 3, police observed a woman know to have outstanding warrants walk into a grocery store at 3rd and Jackson streets.
Police followed the woman into the store and when she was confronted, police said she dropped a bag to the floor.
The bag allegedly contained two hypodermic syringes and a glass pipe with residue from a controlled dangerous substance.
Police arrested the woman, Lila Centeno, 36, 300 Washington St., for four outstanding warrants from Hoboken, possession of a hypodermic syringe with needle, and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

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