Unemployment nightmare

Dear Editor:
With the economy about ready to lose its bearing, those of us at the bottom of the socio-economic barrel are going to need help in areas that need some tweaking.
For example, I noticed when making an attempt to apply for unemployment, that the time now takes more frustration and longer wait times. Specifically, when you call the computer it tells you to call back. When you go to the office they tell you be patient and keep calling. I did so for two months. Perhaps I was a little too patient, I lost my job last Nov. 4th. Finally I had to call on a politician who got someone to call me in just two days.
The bad news, they found a glitch; they are going to have to call me back on January 28th to work out some kind of problem with my claim. That will be three months without cash. In the meantime, I look forward to meeting my new employer whoever and wherever he is.

R. Wilson

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