Finally someone speaks out

Dear Editor:
I applaud those who spoke out at the last town council meeting. I encourage those who did not speak out to do so at the next town council meeting. I was questioned as to why I did not address the council that night. Well, simply put, I could not have said it any better than the way it was being said. Bottom line is Mayor Elwell is a bully!
All who spoke just were confirming what I’ve been saying all along. The more people see Mayor Elwell in action the more apparent it will become. That is why he does not want council meetings to be video taped.
What I find most disturbing is the spinelessness of Councilman Richard Kane, a man I respect, to get caught up in the bullying of Mike Gonnelli. In my opinion he knows right from wrong, and for him not to do what is right is the worst cowardice.
However, I believe that the course of action taken by the mayor and council (to have Councilman Mike Gonnelli step down from his council seat) may have backfired. Dr. Robert Berckes was so infuriated that he had to speak out, and in my opinion it was about time.
Dr. Robert Berckes, please think about running or getting involved in politics again. May I suggest you read a book called Do It Anyway. I will give you my copy.

Tom Troyer

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