New Reporter website now live! Read up-to-the-minute news, comment on stories, set up your business website, submit announcements

The Hudson Reporter newspaper group launched its new, completely redesigned website Jan. 1! Check it out at
The site now brings you up-to-the-minute breaking news, allows local businesses to start their own websites, lets readers post comments, makes it easy to search for classifieds and stories, and invites everyone to submit photos, classifieds, sports team news and sports photos, ads, wedding and birth announcements, calendar items, and more!
The county’s favorite local newspapers have become much more interactive to include your achievements, help you set up a website for your organization, and let you debate the news on-line with your neighbors. Check in several times each day for breaking news and new comments.
The site is located at the same web addresses you have used before, but has been completely redesigned to stay on top of our vibrant and constantly changing towns.
The site went to a new provider on Nov. 1, 2008 and is continuously being improved, so we are looking for your comments and suggestions, which you can submit by clicking on the “submit letters” portion of the site under “opinion.”
No one is more aware of what’s important to each town than our readers, so we want to help celebrate your awards, show off your photos, promote your group, and hear your opinions!

Wide exposure for businesses

There are three ways that businesses can make use of our new site:

  • Enhance your existing listing or add yourself to our growing, FREE, and easily accessible business directory ( Many local businesses have been placed there already, so check and see if yours is there. For a fee, you can add extra information and features for customers, including a lengthy description, location maps, buttons, links, a photo gallery, and content that you can log in and provide. We also will rotate “featured businesses” on top of the site.
  • Set up your own website using our site and our software – as well as your own URL, if desired – to reach customers, sell and promote items, interact with potential users, include a photo gallery, and more. E-commerce is the wave of the future, and we have made it easy to create a business web site using our resources.
    Our sites are optimized for search engines, so people looking for a certain kind of business in our towns will find your business through our site! We can also optimize your own site so that it ranks higher in search engines.

  • Promote your business on our site using a banner ad or other type of display ad, and link to other information.

Many other uses; take a tour

There are many more capabilities of our new site, so click on it and look around. You’ll be surprised how much you learn!
Here is a rundown of some of the things you can do with the new site:
•Search classified ads. Also, submit your own.
•Read breaking news about each of Hudson County’s towns
•Create a website for your organization or business
•Comment on any of the news stories or letters
•Get listed or enhance your listing in our business directory
•Submit birth announcements, weddings, graduations, promotions, awards, and other achievements for our “good news” section
•Send in personal photos
•Submit letters to the editor
•Click to read and submit to our calendar of local events
•Search through our archives for stories dating back to 2000
•Read some of our award-winning investigative stories from the past
•Get directions to our offices, find out the history of the newspaper, and more!


You can submit classifieds, letters, and your photos!

Keeping up

The Hudson Reporter chain was founded in 1983 with the Hoboken Reporter, and has since expanded to contain nine newspapers. These are all on the site now, as well as our two glossy magazines, Palisade and Jersey City Magazine.
In the year 2000, we began posting our articles on line, including a web archive. This new change is the first massive redesign of the site since then.
The site can also be found by clicking any of the individual newspaper addresses:,,,,,,,, or www.northbergenreporter. For magazines, check out and
If you click on the site and have suggestions, comments, and ideas, feel free to submit them through the site or e-mail,.

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