My fears were for naught, for now anyway

Dear Editor:
In a letter to this column (Dec. 4) Mr. Tom Roarty claimed that he had learned our new Superintendent of Schools was attempting to create a new administration position with a salary somewhere in the six figure range. He asked all concerned citizens to contact the school board before the next Bd of Ed. meeting, Dec. 18. He urged the voters to tell Board members to vote no more spending on administrative positions and hold them accountable for the vote on this matter. I attended that meeting. I wanted to know more about this position. I said to myself, here we go again, the Elwell lackeys on the Board attempting to create another position for John Shinnick.
As it turned out, this new position, Director of Education and Technology, was not to create an Assistant Superintendent position.
All my fears were for naught, thank God. I have learned that the County has found another job for Mr. Shinnick. He is now Director of Finance and Facilities at the Hudson County School of Technology at a salary of $110,500. However, this may just be another backroom attempt to update his resume to meet the qualifications for the position of Director of Education and Technology Program in the Secaucus school system at a later date. Similar to the way John Shinnick was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Secaucus Board of Education by Elwell’s lackeys serving on the Secaucus Board of Education at that point in time. That vacancy, by the way, had politics written all over it. Will the person appointed to this new position resign after a few months and the Board hire John Shinnick? What! It hasn’t happened before?

Tom Troyer

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