Weehawken Police Dept. is the best!

Dear Editor:

I recently visited your area and was truly impressed with the kindness and helpfulness of the Weehawken Police Department. Due to carelessness on my part, I lost my purse containing all the typical vitae as well as my prescription glasses. I spent the next hours desperately trying to cancel my credit cards and searching last places stopped, but in the end giving it up as a lost cause. Upon our return home to upstate New York, I was thrilled to receive Patrol Officer Broncacchio’s phone message saying that someone had turned my purse into the station. Detective White then guided me through the proper procedure to retrieve my purse.

Even previous to this, the stopping guard outside our hotel room was helpful in providing me with the number to call to report my lost purse, and an officer came within 15 minutes to take my statement.

I commend the Weehawken Police Department. You have a staff of officers and detectives that your community can be proud of and visitors, like myself, can be most grateful for.

With great appreciation,
Patricia R. Burke


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