Responding to resident’s concerns

Dear Editor:

I would like to offer a response to last week’s letter “Concerns in Weehawken, Part II”. First and foremost the Township understands that there is a parking shortage near the Public Works/Building Department. The Weehawken Building Department is a high volume office that is frequently visited by residents, contactors and other professional services. I am aware some of the residents, contractors and employees do sometimes double park but to my knowledge no accidents have been reported as a result of a double parked car. It is not advisable to restrict the amount of time an individual may park because many transactions take more than 15 minutes, especially those concerning zoning issues and building permits.

In addition Town Hall is very active and our municipal court hears local cases as well as Port Authority cases. As a result parking is at a premium during the day. Please keep in mind that living near a municipal complex is similar to living near a park or a school because of the constant level of activity, especially during day light hours. However, we strive to do the best we can to control the volume of this activity. If you have any additional concerns please feel free to contact my office at any time.

As for the Park Avenue resident who allegedly has been damaging the cliff, the Township is in the process of actively addressing this issue. As reported on August 31, 2008 in the front page story of the Weehawken Reporter titled “Construction Halted”, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge has issued an injunction against this owner from doing any more work on the cliff. The damaged U-Haul trucks that were parked in front of the property have been towed, and Township Inspectors and Engineers were also granted access to this property to assess the damage caused to the cliff as a result of the injunction we obtained. Although this is an on going process, we are making a great deal of progress in rectifying this situation, so the cliff can be restored. Please keep in mind we must follow due process of the law, which sometimes can be very lengthy.

Thank you for your concern and once again please feel free to contact my office if you require any additional information at 201-319-6006.

James V. Marchetti
Township Manager


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