Better quality of life is ahead for all UC residents

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Mayor Brian P. Stack and the Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance that will better regulate liquor establishments that have constantly violated the law. This disregard for law and order results in a negative impact on our quality of life. Some of the guidelines are as follows: When necessary bars will need to close earlier than 2 a.m. Bars will need to hire licensed security guards to protect customers and keep order so our neighbors do not have to deal with problems caused by this establishment.

Once again under the administration of Mayor Brian P. Stack the people of our community always come first. I totally agree that it is unfair that a handful of noncompliant establishments continue to ruin the peace, quiet and cleanliness of our neighborhoods.

As a lifetime resident of this community, our neighbors and hard working families were ignored and neglected for too long. Mayor Stack and the Commissioners realize that as a community we deserve a better quality of life. When Mayor Stack took office he heard our message loud and clear. He changed the closing time of bars from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m., and this change has significantly changed for a better quality of life for all our neighborhoods.

I recommend to all residents if you witness any quality of life offense/crime, call the Union City Police Department at 201-865-1111. Better quality of life is ahead for all Union City residents, and together we can help Mayor Brian P. Stack continue his mission and that is to give quality and safe life to all the residents of this progressive community that appreciates responsible and productive local government.

With respect,
Raul Marquez


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