Tremitiedi rejects opponent’s rationale on illegal signs

Dear Editor:

In your April 15th edition, my opponent attempted to justify the placing of her campaign signs on city posts, utility poles and park trees with the quote, “It’s just another obstacle for me in an uphill campaign to gain a name recognition with limited funds.”

I find this quote to be disingenuous in view of the fact that she has also been quoted in the same issue, “As an independent candidate who does not need the salary and is beholden to no one…” To further illustrate my point, (as reported in the Hoboken Reporter, January 19, 2003), “Mason wrote in her resignation letter to Roberts that she had even retained a land use attorney at her own expense at times so that she could understand issues coming before the board.” She was Mayor Dave Roberts’ designee to the city’s planning board and quit same for political reasons.

This is all fine, but using the excuse of limited funds to place signs illegally is not credulous in my opinion; the need for name recognition is not an acceptable reason to break the law. What do you think?

Richard Tremitiedi
2nd Ward Council Candidate


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