How do you define a Board of Education Trustee?

Dear Editor:

Must have an educational vision that goes beyond the norm.

Must be able to evaluate “Where we are” and most importantly “Where we are going”.

Must have an understanding of the uniqueness of each child.

Must be open to ideas congruent to initiatives of students, parents and residents of the community.

Must have an infinite amount of energy and commitment to the educational goals of the community.

Must be an active member of the community.

Must have a sense that all of these venues be done within the constraint of a fiscal budget.

As a colleague of Ms. Arlene Broemmer for the past 12 years, I am confident in her ability and dedication. She truly defines and enhances the definition of a Board of Education Trustee. In her current position as our School Nurse at Woodrow Wilson School, she not only addresses the health needs of each student, but also puts in an endless amount of time and energy organizing programs. She is consistently addressing the health issues and needs of the families of our students. She has initiated a yearly “Mammogram For Moms” program. She has a commitment not only to our students and parents but also to our faculty and staff. She has facilitated staff development workshops which include first aid and CPR training. It is obvious to all of Ms. Broemmer’s colleagues that her passion is driven by the need for children to be placed in an environment that will nurture the uniqueness as well as their health and safety.

Ms. Broemmer truly defines the qualities needed as a Trustee for the Secaucus Board of Education. I know that Ms. Broemmer’s selection to the Board of Education will be an asset to the students and residents of Secaucus.

I would highly recommend that the residents of Secaucus elect Arlene Broemmer as a Board of Education Trustee.

Yours in Education,
Ronald Treanor
Principal, Woodrow Wilson School


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