Another traffic mess

Dear Editor:

My name is Ron Zimmerman, and I was very pleased to see your article on page 10 of the Reporter. It really shows that there are people paying attention to the horrific traffic situations now in place throughout this lower section of Hudson County (Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City and Jersey City). What I feel is of an extremely dangerous situation is the lower half of Paterson Plank Road, traveling south as it is about to enter Hoboken.

There are two complete sets of double yellow lines, which in my estimation are an accident waiting to happen. On many occasions I have nearly been sideswiped by people not realizing which set of double yellow lines are the enforceable ones. It is a very dangerous situation. Although it is a county road, it does have a direct impact on all of our individual municipalities.

I feel it is something that needs to be addressed immediately, especially with the addition of Cliff Condo adding to this mix as no one really knows where to enter or exit the property. Take a picture of what I’m talking about and print it in the Reporter. Then poll the people who use this road on a daily basis or even those who utilize it occasionally to get their feedback and let us know if should we pay a lot more attention to this before someone gets hurt.

My reason for writing this letter is genuine concern – and too many close calls!

Ron Zimmerman


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