An open letter to Chief Carmen La Bruno

Dear Chief LaBruno:

I want to thank you and the entire Police Department for the care and support given to my son, Police Officer Michael DePalma. Michael has been a proud and dedicated officer in the Department since 1995.

He is now scheduled to serve in Iraq under his Army Reserve status as a Captain. As Michael’s Mom I ask all who know and love him to keep him in their thoughts and prayers while he is in service overseas. When he returns home, he will gladly return to his Police Officer position and continue his commitment to service on the homeland front.

On Sunday, April 16, 2005, during the 150th anniversary celebration of his hometown, you and the officers of the Department gave him a place of honor in the parade. I also want to thank Officer Vincent Lombardi, President of the PBA who was so helpful and kind to us on that day.

Thanks to all Michael’s fellow officers, and we will celebrate with Michael on the day he returns home to us.

Catherine DePalma and Family


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