Drink of the Week Shandy

Get a taste of the British Isles without having to pull out that passport – the Shandy is being served at your
local pub.What is it: Three parts beer and one part 7-Up.

How it tastes: Refreshing and a bit sweet – a great drink for summer. The soda gives the beer a sweet, bubbly taste. Even people who don’t like beer very much like this drink.

Cost: $4 a pint at The Shannon, 106 First St. in Hoboken

Who’s drinking it: Popular among women, but any Brit will recognize it.

The Shandy has been a staple at The Shannon for as long as any of its staff can remember. Patrons can choose any type of beer for the Shandy, but Bass seems to be the overwhelming favorite. The 47 year-old Shannon is a favorite watering hole for both the young and the young-at-heart.