Senior citizens need help with everyday needs

Dear Editor:

Several years ago our seniors were provided with the best senior citizen buildings right here in Hudson County.

As time goes by our seniors become old, sick and frail. Many are without relatives to visit or help care for them. Many more are veterans who in their youth committed themselves to defend this country. This is the time to give everyone tender loving care so each citizen will never feel neglected.

What we really need in these senior citizen buildings is a daily nurse, social worker or housekeeper to care for those who need help from day to day. At one time we had students come into these buildings to help with shopping, laundry and personal needs. These students willingly gave their time, kindness, loving care along with warm companionship. However, for some unknown reason this very good system came to an end.

This is the richest country in the world, and we have no problem giving compassion along with our taxpayers dollars to everyone else on earth. The time has come to give the same amount of compassion and dollars to our very own senior citizens right here, right now in the USA.

V.E. Rummey


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