The year 2003

The year two thousand three is gone
The War in Iraq is a mess and still going on
Bin Ladin is some where in the mountains hiding out
Some day we will catch him, people don’t have no doubt

We had two crazy killers running all around
Shooting and killing people from town to town
Finally the evil ones got caught in our snare
The hurt and pain of the families we all share

Our mayor went through hell with politicians in Jersey City
Because he wouldn’t bend to their nitty gritty
But he has God on his side, he won’t let him fall
We couldn’t have a better mayor, he holds the ball

We finally found Hussein in a hole in the ground
He had the nerve to think he would never be found
Hussein is stubborn and won’t help us or talk
He thinks he has the upper hand, but he will walk that walk

The politicians have sold their soul to the devil
Most of them have lost it, and are now on his level
Very few of them help the elderly or think of the poor
Wonder what they will tell God when death knocks on their door

So many of our young have died, for the sake of our liberty
They laid down their lives to keep this and all men free
The war in Iraq has been a wake up, no sleeping call
We must be ever vigilant keep our eyes on the ball

So much sorrow, so many tears, but we in America stand tall
Our flag is waving high, as our soldiers answer the call
Lord let 2004 bring us the joy, hope, faith and much needed peace
Let love shine in all our faces, guide us Lord and never cease

Georgia McLane Collins, R.A.


© 2000, Newspaper Media Group