Cool to be Kuhl

Hi Eugene, just wanted to say thank you for your support. The article was great (In her own voice/Jan 15).

Karen Kuhl, who was featured in the Current last week, was the woman wearing the red shirt on the cover.

Overheard on the PATH train (for real)

GUY 1 (to his friend): You eat without washing your hands, but you won’t touch that [the rail in the train].

GUY 2: I’d rather eat without washing my hands than touch that.

GUY 1: You’ll get the flu.

WOMAN SITTING NEXT TO THEM: I’m a doctor. That’s one of the worst ways to transmit the flu.

GUY 2: What?

WOMAN: Touching the rails in the subway. People blow their nose and touch them.

GUY 1: That’s disgusting!
GUY 2: I’m not touching it.

Win concert tickets

Last week’s winner, John Bednar, correctly answered “Here” to last week’s question, “Where are you?” Bednar won a pair of tickets to see Eugene and Neon Thrills at Maxwell’s in Hoboken on Jan. 23.

For your chance to win tickets to see Seeking Homer on Feb. 5 at the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken and a pair of VIP cards for the venue, correctly answer the following question:

***What kind of dog did the lead singer for Sublime have?***

Email your answer to current@hudsonreporter.com attn: Concert tickets.

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