Adult Education Center opens

Dear Editor:

The night of December 8 was very special to all the immigrants that live in Union City or have lived here at one time or another. Before I go on, I would like to pay respect to an individual who gave back so much to this community. Recently Edward Stack Jr. passed away, and his death touched me personally because I had developed a close relationship while he was fighting cancer.

For generations great Americans in government have allowed millions of immigrants from all parts of the world to come to this great nation – the promise land – and allow immigrants to dream the American dream. For many like myself, we have made the American dream become a reality. On this night we had the grand opening of the Adult Education Center. For the first time adults will have their own center to learn English and learn computers, all free of charge. At the present moment we are servicing 1543 adult students.

If I may I want to publicly thank Congressman Robert Menendez who back in 1986 became the first Latino mayor in the history of this city. My friend Bob was the first Latino to open the door for Latinos to pursue the America dream and realize the American dream. Today Bob continues to open doors to Latinos throughout the nation. Tonight I want to thank all the Cubans and Puerto Ricans who settled here in Union City back in the mid 50s and 60s. For those that know the history of Union City, we can’t deny that these two immigrant groups made great contributions to the City of Union City.

Union City was established over 100 years ago, and I want to thank everyone that has served in one capacity or another for helping the city move forward financially as well as spiritually.

Tonight I want with all sincerity to thank my friend, honorable Mayor, Elect State Assemblyman Brian P. Stack who is responsible for the adult education program to have a school of their own for the first time in the history of this significant program. Also another individual who was the driving force for the adult program to have their own school was Superintendent of Schools Mr. Stanley Sanger.

In closing I want to say that very often the Latino people say how great this country is. But tonight if I may, I want to say it for 38 million Latinos that live in this country. We the Latino community are thankful and appreciate everything this country does for us. We are thankful for Americans to allow us to live in the promise land. The American people are truly great people, and people like Brian P. Stack is an example of the great American people.

Oscar Cordero


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