The Latino community can become efficient in the English language thanks to the Adult Education Program

Dear Editor:

I have been an educator in the Union City public school system for 24 years, and I have had the opportunity to teach children that went on to become doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, engineers, policemen, firemen and in general, productive citizens in the society they represent.

I would like to publicly thank our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Stanley M. Sanger for giving me the opportunity to serve the Latino population in the Adult Education Program. Mr. Sanger was instrumental in making a dream become a reality for the Latino population who for years were ignored of their educational needs.

For the first time in the history of Union City the Adult Education Program will have a center (a school) of their own. At the present moment we are serving over 1300 adult students who are trying to learn English and technology in order to have a chance to live the American dream. As an experienced administrator it is my responsibility to make sure that our adult students become efficient in the English language and become knowledgeable in technology so they can help their families live a better life.

Our Adult Center is located at 400 38th Street, and registration is open for day time classes and evening classes. Our telephone number is 201-392-3618, and it is extremely important to know that all these classes are free of charge for residents of Union City and Hudson County.

Oscar Cordero
Asst. Principal Adult Ed.


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