A poem for Peter 9/10/03 In memory of Peter Weiss

When I read the Jersey Journal papers
I always read the column of Peter Weiss
To see what he would write about the political capers
No matter what the occasion, the truth would always rise.

The political scene will never be the same
Without Peter Weiss, scrutiny in the game
You are missed Peter and that is for sure
Your work here is finished, you have gone thru the Golden Door.

Thru all the political fighting you have stayed true
Wrote your thoughts in your column, that was truly you
Whoever takes your place, has some big shoes to fill
He will have to show us how good he fits the bill.

Now this is to the family, may God ease your pain
When you hear a bird sing or even hear the rain
Listen intently Peter is whispering to you all
Weep not for me, for I answered my father’s call.

George McLane Collins, R.A.


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