Inaccurate statements, negative pictures and negative comments do not make for a happy community!

Dear Editor:

I would like to take issue with Al Sullivan’s story regarding the flooding that occurred at the band shell in Buchmuller Park in the Reporter’s August’s 31, 2003 issue. The fact of the matter is that the pumps were in the original design by the architect in anticipation of heavy rain. Mr. Sullivan’s report is that there are possible design flaws. This statement is totally inaccurate.

As everyone knows, an unusually heavy downpour in such a short period cannot be controlled by human beings or sump pumps. When the design was finalized we knew very well that once or twice a year we will experience a heavy rainfall and water would accumulate. At the same time, common sense told us that we would not be utilizing an outdoor theater during a heavy rainfall, hence, we went along with the original design.

It’s a shame that the Secaucus Reporter would use one picture of a day when the amphitheater wasn’t being used, but failed to print a picture of our new park being used by parents, grandparents and children.

This year’s summer concert series was by far the most successful and the additional use for our new outdoor theater included the Dare program, the Junior Police Academy and anticipation of our musical concerts performed by our local children.

As far as Mr. Heflich’s comments in reference to a possible code violation, it appears that Mr. Heflich has been out of touch with the code he once was responsible for, as there is clearly no violation with the existing stage door. Negative pictures and negative comments by residents who truly do not have good intentions for our community speak for themselves. I, along with the mass majority of our community, intend to enjoy our wonderful amphitheater and its design.

Mayor Dennis Elwell


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