Workers receiving Social Security benefits can earn more in 2002

Dear Editor:

People who receive Social Security benefits and are under the age 65 can earn more in 2002 without losing any benefits, said Yvonne Bryant, Social Security manager in Jersey City.

The 2002 earnings limit for these workers is $11,280, up from $10,680 in 2001. The limit increases each year to reflect changes in average national wages. Social Security will deduct $1 in benefits for every $2 earned above $11,280.

People who will turn 65 this year can earn $30,000 before seeing any reduction in benefits. After $30,000, benefits will be reduced $1 for every $3 earned. Once people celebrate their 65th birthday, they may keep all their benefits no matter how much they earn.

“The earnings limit that reduced monthly benefits for earnings after full retirement age was eliminated in 2000,” Ms. Bryant explained.

To find out the effect your earnings may have on your Social Security benefits, log onto Social Security’s website at

Different rules apply to people who are receiving disability benefits. These people must report all work to the Social Security, because any work they do might affect their benefits.

Social Security Office
Jersey City


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