Let’s make things clear, Mr. Irrizary

Dear Editor:

A few days ago The Jersey Journal published a letter signed with my name in which I said that the Congressman Robert Menendez is a role model to follow by our Hispanic Community.

Doing this I wanted to show to the young Hispanic Community that the last name is not as important as when you are responsible and a good student in this country. And this is not a dream, but a reality. This reality is Congressman Robert Menendez, who has reached the American Dream with his effort. This is the example from which all young Hispanics should follow, from last names that are criticized, failure to make connections, and in another area such as non knowledge of the language, and culture, and many other difficulties.

That is why, for a lot of young Hispanics, the best role model is another Hispanic that has been through all kinds of challenges like Menendez. This is also the reason why I did not choose Brian Stack as a role model for our young, who has done a lot for the Hispanic community and I know this because we named him “Man of the Year” and “Community Leader” in the last three Dominican Parades, because he does not know the feeling when you hear people saying “we do not want Hispanics here.”

Suddenly, another Hispanic, Chris Irrizary, answered this letter saying that I was trying to break the political union between Menendez and Stack naming the Congressman as a role model.

I am a person who is not afraid of discussing any topic and do not need to go around, I want to clarify to Mr. Irrizary couple of things.

First, I supported Menendez, when Brian Stack that the Congressman’s political organization “Alliance” was a corrupt one, and the attorney at law Donald Scarinci was the same.

I support Menendez now that Stack says the Congressman is the best politician that has come from Union City and Scarinci is the best lawyer been contracted by the city.

In the same way, I was against Rudy Garcia, when Stack was against him. I kept going against Rudy Garcia, when Stack and all of you joined the former Mayor and used to praise him as the best Mayor Union City could have had.

And I kept going against Rudy Garcia, when Stack came to the conclusion that Rudy was a rip off. With this I want to remind Mr. Irrizary that all the political alliances, just as marriage, last if there is loyalty, and the same as in marriage they end when there are acts of non-loyalty. That means that the unity between Menendez and Stack will prevail if there is loyalty, or it will end if there is lies and betrayals. The future of that union, Mr. Irrizary, will be based on those facts, and not in what Freddy Gomez says, which “homework” is not create a division between anyone, but on the contrary, fight for the advancement of the Hispanic Community recognizing those who work for it.

Freddy Gomez


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