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They said it! The year in quotes

Hudson County politicians love to hear themselves talk. And so do those who love them.

Here are some of the most pithy, most evocative, most interesting, or just the most controversial quotes from Reporter stories from the past year.


“I am writing to inform you that due to personal reasons, I hereby resign as county executive, effective Oct. 1.” – County Executive Robert Janiszewski, in a letter sent to the county administrator from an unknown destination in September. Janizewski had been on vacation since Aug. 20 and never came back to work.


“I’m going to sit in my backyard and enjoy my life. I’ve had enough. I don’t have to put up with the crap anymore. The hell with this.” – Guttenberg Mayor Robert Sabello, 82, announcing in March that he was not seeking re-election. By the time he left office at the end of the year, Sabello had mended fences with the powers-that-be, including incoming Mayor David Delle Donna, and softened his stance.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this, some 10 years. This has been 10 long years in the making. And this is definitely the culmination, the fruit of those 10 years of hard work.” – Guttenberg Councilman David Delle Donna, after receiving word that he had been elected mayor of Guttenberg in November.


“Everyone was covered in ash and dust, and when I saw the ferry there, I got on it, ’cause I knew anywhere was better than there. But now that I’m here, I have no idea how I’m getting home.” – Nassau County resident Michael Sandjaby, Sept. 11, at the Hoboken train terminal after escaping his Wall Street office and being ferried across the river.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s Armageddon. It’s the worst thing that I’ve ever seen.” – Barbara Sabado of Garden Street, standing on Hoboken’s Pier A minutes after watching a second plane hit the World Trade Center.

“Never in a million years would I ever think I would be sitting on Sinatra Park listening to the president speak about the terrorists that just blew up the World Trade Center. It’s going to be many, many days before I’m ever going to believe that it is real.” – New Hoboken resident Trey Hooker, the night of Sept. 11.

“I’m disappointed that certain people would use such an important meeting to grandstand politically.” – Housing Authority Executive Director E. Troy Washington’s reaction toCouncilman Chris Campos’ behavior, which led to a physical confrontation with a Housing Authority security guard at a meeting in late September.

“I feel like a 100-pound weight has been lifted off my back.” – Housing Authority Executive Director E. Troy Washington, in November, after being given a five-year contract extension after more than a year of controversy.

“It’s absurd. They can’t just take private property and do what they like with it. In no way are we negotiating.” – Maxwell House developer Daniel Gans’ reaction to Stevens President Dr. Hal Raveche’s public presentation in November about the university’s proposal to build a school on Gans’ property.

“That’s life.” – Sinatra fan Ed Shirak, Jr., musing upon the theft of his 35-pound bronze star dedicated to the crooner. The star was found months later in the apartment of two twentysomething men.

“Maybe I was a little bit na

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