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Strange News Win a hot baseball-playing roommate!

The following was sent to from the Newark Bears Baseball Club:

One of the top priorities of the Newark Bears’ front office is to ensure the well being of their players during the 2001 season. Therefore, the Newark Bears are asking members of the community to open their homes to certain Bears’ players who are in need of a place to live.

The salary of a player in the Atlantic League does not compare to that of major leaguers. Therefore, financial constraints have made it increasingly difficult for players to find a place of residence for the length of the season (early May to late September). Bears’ fans have embraced their team on the field, and being a host presents a unique opportunity to show support by helping players feel comfortable in the area they play in. Due to the 126-game length of schedule, players are generally on the road for half of the summer.

Anyone interested in hosting a Newark Bears player this summer should call (973) 848-1000.

Dept. of antiquated rituals

The following was sent to us from Mary Lovell-Rressalei on behalf of the Princeton Debutante Ball:

Second Annual Princeton Debutante Ball invites young women to apply

The committee of second annual Princeton Debutante Ball is pleased to announce that it is currently seeking young women in their senior year of high school to participate in the elegant affair which traditionally marks a special time in a young woman’s life.

“Last year’s Debutante Ball proved to be a wonderful experience for the young women and their families, and we are optimistic that this year’s event holds the same promise,” said Mrs. William Coyer of Princeton, event chairperson.

“The girls had the best time of their lives last year, and we are pleased to be offering the same experience to a new group of young women this year,” she added.

In keeping with the long-time tradition of debutante balls, the experience places significant emphasis on values, etiquette, scholastic achievement, athletics and community involvement, according to Mrs. Coyer.

Last year, young women from Princeton, Lawrenceville, Somerset Hills and surrounding communities were chosen to make their public debut dressed in elegant white gowns at The Princeton Debutante Ball. The young women also participated in a series of events prior to the Ball designed to encourage friendship and fellowship. Events included a mother/daughter tea, a luncheon, a parent cocktail party and a fashion show. A similar format is being planned for this year’s Princeton Debutante Ball.

Those interested in applying for presentation should call Ms. Ressalei at (609) 394-5181.

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