T. Weed responds

Dear Editor:

Re: Nov. 19 letters from Thomas Bragen and Joe David, Israel-lovers andArab-haters.

Along with the predictable “anti-semitic” slurs, Bragen charges that I am “consumed” by Israel, a state which I perceive as a “threat” to me. Well, he’s right. I admit it. I do. Yes, because the hard liners are dragging my country into their genocide and endless war, and, why? Because they have sinned grievously against a people who never did them wrong, but they won’t admit it, much less make amends. And so this Big Lie (they still claim they are the victims!), has corrupted our Congress, the White House, the United Nations; and sowed hatred and vengeance in the hearts of millions of dispossessed and brutalized Arabs. The very things the Bible warns us not to do, or reap the wrath of Yahweh!

T. Weed


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