Wish list What local kids want for the holidays

Black Friday has come and gone, so the countdown to Christmas has begun. Parents will be scurrying all month to shopping centers and web malls to pick up the hottest new games, toys and trendy trinkets. In 1998, kids were fascinated with Furby. Last year, Pokemon was all the craze. This year, PlayStation 2 is in such high demand that some of its starting eBay bids are as high as $850. But not all Union City and West New York kids have fallen for the hype, and the following is what they said they wanted this holiday season.

Angelo Ramos, 12, Union City

“I want Aggressive Rollerblades, because I like to skate in the park with my friends. We got to New York for Rollerblade tournaments too. Mine broke when I was grinding them on stairs, but the Aggressive Rollerblades are for grinding. I want gear too like helmets and pads, so I don’t die or hurt myself.”

Doris Urena, 9, West New York

“I want a CD player, so I can listen to my CDs. I have the Backstreet Boys, The Groove, ‘N Sync and Christina Aguilera CDs already, but I have to use my cousin’s CD player if I want to listen to them.”

Christian Rodriguez, 12, Union City

“I just want a Dreamcast. I want a ’93 Lambergini Diablo; it’s a really fast luxury collectable car. I want the latest Wu Tang CD, and I want an I-Book laptop with an encyclopedia to help me with my science fair project.”

Tatiana Rosario, 8, West New York

“I want cool clothes like dresses and skirts from Old Navy, and I want a Nintendo Gameboy to play with when I’m bored.”

Tina Gonzalez, 12, Union City

“I want a CD Walkman, so I can listen to my music whenever I want like Destiny’s Child, Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit. I want clothes from the GAP. I want a Golden Razor Scooter, so I can ride around. I fall sometimes, but it’s good.”

Fernando Montalvo, 11, Union City

“I want a PlayStation 2 with two games. I want Rollerblades to hangout with my friends. I want a Dreamcast with two games. I want a boombox to listen to my music, and I want a computer.”

Whitney Pena, 11, Union City

“I want a laptop, so I can study and do my work on it. I want the new gray and black Air Max sneakers. I want GAP shirts, and I want the Macaroni Two-tone Timberlands; they’re yellow/orange suede boots.”


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