Wish list What Hoboken kids want for the holidays

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Parents will be scurrying all month to shopping centers and web malls to pick up the hottest new games, toys and trendy trinkets. In 1998, kids were fascinated with Furby. Last year, Pokemon was all the craze. This year, PlayStation 2 is in such high demand that some of its starting eBay bids are as high as $850. But not all Hoboken kids have fallen for the hype, and the following is what they said they wanted this holiday season.

Alessandra, 5, and Luca Vanore, 3

“I want a dolly stroller and Barbies, ” said Alessandra. “I have 25 Barbies, but I don’t care. Oh, yeah, and I want to go to Disneyland to see Santa.”
“I want a speeding car and a race track, because I like things that go fast,” said Luca.

Lara Chester, 7

“I want a baby brother or sister. I want everything that comes out with ‘N Sync, and everything that comes out with Britney Spears. And a million dollars so I can buy everything from Toys ‘R’ Us, except for baby stuff.”

Jeannette Pucciopick, 9

“I want a million dollars, because I want to buy all the toys at Toys ‘R’ Us and give it to the poor… I [would give] the poor clothes, shoes, houses and a doctor so they can be healthy and get check-ups. I want a Diva Star Alexa, because she talks and answers you and has a cat named Fluffy … a Barbie Dreamhouse, because it comes with couch, and a bed and a kitchen … [and] to see The Grinch movie … and a leather jacket with fur.”

Eddie Rosado, 11

“I want those sneakers that have skates on the bottom, but I forgot the name. I want 20 games for my PlayStation … a Nintendo 64 Cubed; it’s the new Nintendo shaped like a cube … a Viper … and money for my family, because my family ain’t rich or anything.”

Christina Gualario, 14

“I want the ‘N Sync Justin or J.C. doll, but I prefer J.C. because he’s hot. I want gift cards to GAP and Old Navy … money to buy clothes and make-up … [and] the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen color game called Pocket Planner.”

Craig Michael Geib, 4

“I want a Power Ranger. I want a Nintendo. I want a big red fire engine truck, ’cause I want to be a fireman and drive a fire truck. And I want my Grandma to get better, because she’s sick and I love her.”

Benny Rotondi, 10

“I want a PlayStation 2 and a Dreamcast. I want a Marshall Falk jersey, and a Tiki Barber jersey. And my own house, so my mom won’t tell me what to do.”

Dennis Figueroa, 10

“I want a PlayStation 2 … a basketball hoop to practice basketball … [and] money, so I can spend it on CDs like Baha Men, Nelly and DMX. And a convertible for mom, so we can drive in it.”


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