Free brochure helps women reduce risk of breast cancer

Dear Editor:

Although regular mammograms are key in early detection of breast cancer, there is much women can do on a daily basis to reduce their risk of this dreaded disease, simply by being careful about what they eat. The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is offering a free brochure, Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer, that provides guidelines and tips on how to control dietary and other lifestyle factors that affect a woman’s risk for breast cancer.

Experts in the field of diet and cancer agree that the incidence of breast cancer can be reduced through changes in diet. Many believe that high intakes of total and saturated animal fat, for example, as well as red meat are linked to cancers of the breast. All agree that high consumption of fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, have been linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer.

AICR recommends that women eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, and include lots of whole grains as well. Because fats and excess weight have been linked to the incidence of breast cancer, AICR also recommends a low-fat diet.

Consumers can obtain a copy of AICR’s free brochure, Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer by calling 1-900-843-8114, ext. 29.

American Institute for Cancer Research


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