The worst noise is from people and their parties!

Dear Editor:

I read about “noise” in your newspaper.

I agree, constructions are noisy, but in my neighborhood, “people” are the worst problem.

People are having loud, noisy parties at their homes, backyards, or on balconies almost every weekend. They play loud music, get drunk and yell and scream until morning. I don’t know how many times we’ve called next door or downstairs and asked them to be quiet. When they play music, our walls or floors vibrate. I was so stressed out, and had a miscarriage last year because of these people.

Why do people want to have karaoke parties in their backyard? Why do people living in this town have no common sense? We moved from Manhattan to have peace and quiet, but that was a big mistake. Hoboken is noisier than Manhattan!

I think Hoboken is a big party town.

M.H. Schreiber


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