Please come to Tuesday’s Planning Board meeting

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, October 3rd, the Planning Board of the City of Hoboken will continue to hear testimony concerning the proposed development for the most northern pier of the Shipyard.

Thousands of Hoboken citizens signed a petition opposing all buildings on piers. On street corners, in letters, and at public meetings, citizens from all over town expressed their outrage over this project and about the unchecked, unplanned and uncontrolled development going on all over town.

This particular project, 120 condominiums to be built on the 15th street pier, will stretch out more than the length of two football fields into the river. It will obliterate the northern view from the newly opened 14th street pier and will block views of the river, both north and south, from the walkway. It will allow traffic to cross the walkway and set a precedent for other pier projects.

Testimony must be given at the Planning Board meeting in order to be considered by the board. At the last Planning Board meeting, the board members acknowledged that they were aware of all the letters and statements opposing the project. They also made it perfectly clear that those letters (even letters written to the Planning Board) and statements cannot be considered as testimony in opposition to the project.

So, you see how important it is that you come and voice your opinions. If you, the residents of Hoboken, do not speak your minds, the only voice the Planning Board will hear is that of the developers and their hired experts. Yes, we need to ensure a tax base and it’s great to clean and use abandoned sites, but we must preserve and provide those things which make this town a place where we all want to live.

Come to the meeting and bring your neighbors. Speak up before it’s too late. Remember the date, time and place–October 3rd, City Hall at 7 p.m.

Carol Marsh
Augusta Przygoda


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