$1.25 parking fee for a 10-minute transaction, seems a little much

Dear Editor:

In response to the letter regarding parking at Newport Mall, I would like to say that there should not be a price to park for at least two hours. I do not like to pay $1.25 just to go to the mall to return an item. That transaction takes about 10 minutes. I am compelled to park at Shoprite’s parking lot for the various short trips to the Mall.

Also, I was interested in obtaining monthly parking at the Mall. I was told however that I can only park at one garage, the one on Marin Blvd. I feel that I should be able to park at all of the garages for the fee that is charged.

They also restrict the employees at JCPenney and changed their parking to the Marin Blvd. garage. This can be a dangerous situation when an employee after work has to walk around the Mall to get to their car. JCPenney employees can only exit from the side door when their shift is over. I believe the management of this garage has not put the needs of the community first in their decision of cost, convenient and safety.

Regina Thomas


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