I wouldn’t mind having Garcia or Sacco as my mayor

Dear Editor: The reason I am writing is I have been living in West New York for over 12 years and I remember the late Mayor DeFino, may he rest in peace. Well, anyway, I just want you people to know about Mayor DeFino; he was always for the disabled and the seniors. He would come to each seniors housing and visit with them. And then you have Union City; there was also a nice mayor until he passed away. His name was Bruce Walter, may he rest in peace. Now the town of Union City has a great mayor who cares about the town of Union City but his commissioners want to get rid of him and recall him. Rudy Raul Garcia is a caring man. I do not live in Union City but whenever I see something needs to be fixed, I write to the mayor of Union City and he answers my letters. And then you take North Bergen, there you have a great caring mayor named Mayor Sacco and when I see something wrong with North Bergen, he too answers my letters. Now you take my town where I have lived for over 12 years. Whenever I had a problem in the town I would write to Mayor DeFino, and he would answer my letters. Now he is gone and we have a new mayor named Albio Sires, and to this day, he has not answered one of my letters. Since he is mayor, the town of West New York is more noisy at night and there is no town curfew. There is car to car drug sales, drinking at all hours of the night, yelling obscene words waking up the town sleeping at night. And I have written Mayor Albio Sires about this problem for a long time and does he answer any of my letters, no! Maybe the town of West New York should get Mayor Rudy Raul Garcia for mayor and Union City should get Mayor Albio Sires and see how their town is being run. I think if Mayor Rudy Raul Garcia was mayor of West New York, I think the town would be a better place to live. I can’t see why the town of Union City wants to get rid of Mayor Rudy Raul Garcia, he seems like a nice mayor. So here you have it. I would like to see a new mayor for West New York to bring back the curfew and do something about teen drinking at night and car to car drug sales and the teenagers yelling obscenities at night and bothering the neighborhood while they sleep at night. And where are these teenagers’ parents when they are out past midnight drinking beer, smoking dope and yelling obscene words and keeping the town up at night. Where oh where are these teenagers’ parents when this is going on. Brian Silvani


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