Foul play unlikely Prosecutor’s office believes alcohol was involved in resident’s drowning

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday that they believe there was no foul play involved in the drowning of a 62-year-old Weehawken man who was found floating in the Hudson River last weekend near the Lincoln Harbor marina. Hudson County Prosecutor Fred Theemling, a Weehawken resident, said Friday that his office believes a toxicology test will show that there was alcohol in the man’s system. He said he believes no foul play was involved in the death. Police said that the last known address for Dennis Concannon was his yacht docked at Lincoln Harbor. The circumstances surrounding Concannon’s death led to further investigation by Theemling’s office. According to reports, Weehawken police were called to the scene at 1:58 a.m. Saturday when a friend of Concannon’s said he had found him unconscious in the water. Emergency medical technicians tried to revive Concannon at the scene, but the efforts failed and Concannon was declared dead at the scene. Police said that Concannon had spent a portion of Friday night on his boat with several friends. However, there was a significant period of time that Concannon’s whereabouts were unaccounted for. “When you look at the circumstances surrounding the case, a man drowning in the river in the middle of winter, with people around, [it’s suspicious],” Theemling said. “It’s not like he drowned in a swimming pool. If he was swimming in the YMCA and the lifeguard left and came back and found him in the water, that’s usual circumstances. These are unusual circumstances we’re talking about here.” Concannon’s body was taken to the regional Medical Examiner’s Office in Newark for further examination and an autopsy.